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Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRS)

Graduates of Arleta High School Visual and Performing Arts Smaller Learning Community will be

Community contributors who:

  • Donate their time and individual talents to improve the quality of life within their community.
  • Demonstrate an awareness that fosters acceptance of individual and cultural differences.
  • Understand how local and global issues impact their community.
  • Provide community performances and exhibitions of art and media.
Critical thinkers who:
  • Identify and solve problems effectively.
  • Read with comprehension, discerning relevance and reliability of information.
  • Interpret, evaluate, and reflect on learning.
  • Interpret, evaluate, and apply aesthetic qualities of art.

Effective communicators who:

  • Write skillfully with meaning and clarity.
  • Speak with confidence to an audience.
  • Present organized information using technology.
  • Perform and present in a variety of media.

Self-directed learners who:

  • Set and accomplish personal, academic, and social goals.
  • Exercise honest self-evaluation.
  • Demonstrate motivation and discipline.
  • Be fully aware of their creative passion, talent and expressive ability.