Congratulations to our mustang engineer club on winning the FIRST place in regional bridge competition! Congratulations to our Boys and Girls Basketball teams for representing ARLETA HIGH SCHOOL in our 1st ever California STATE Playoffs!
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Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRS)

Graduates of Arleta High School Visual and Performing Arts Smaller Learning Community will be

Community contributors who:

  • Donate their time and individual talents to improve the quality of life within their community.
  • Demonstrate an awareness that fosters acceptance of individual and cultural differences.
  • Understand how local and global issues impact their community.
  • Provide community performances and exhibitions of art and media.
Critical thinkers who:
  • Identify and solve problems effectively.
  • Read with comprehension, discerning relevance and reliability of information.
  • Interpret, evaluate, and reflect on learning.
  • Interpret, evaluate, and apply aesthetic qualities of art.

Effective communicators who:

  • Write skillfully with meaning and clarity.
  • Speak with confidence to an audience.
  • Present organized information using technology.
  • Perform and present in a variety of media.

Self-directed learners who:

  • Set and accomplish personal, academic, and social goals.
  • Exercise honest self-evaluation.
  • Demonstrate motivation and discipline.
  • Be fully aware of their creative passion, talent and expressive ability.