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A.P. Art

The AP Drawing course is designed as an intensive and rigorous examination of visual art problem solving through the use of a variety of drawing media and techniques. Students will develop a mastery of technical skills, build a critical eye, increase art vocabulary and develop higher order thinking skills reflected through their art. Students will also understand that art is an ongoing process that uses informed and critical decision making to determine outcomes to problems. Progression through discovery, active problem solving and invention is essential to the growth of the student. In addition, students will learn how to manage their time as a studio artist by meeting strict deadlines and working on several projects at the same time. The ultimate goal for every student is a complete portfolio that contains technically strong, thought-provoking art that students are proud of while meeting the criteria of the AP Drawing portfolio.
AP Portfolio sections:
Quality (original works)- Five matted works for Drawing These should be the student’s BEST work, selected for excellence, and cannot be larger than 18” x 24”.
Concentration – This should include 12 slides exploring a single visual concern in depth. It is something lake a visual term paper, and is an important part of the class. When a subject is settled on, the student should spend considerable time developing it. It should show investigation, growth, and discovery involved with a compelling visual concept. The Concentration is usually completed in the second term.
Breadth – This is a set of workshops showing mastery of varied media, techniques and subject matter. Drawing portfolios – 12 slides of 12 different works