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A.P. in charge of Athletics - Aurora Mellado 

Athletic Director - Dave Richard   
The goal at Arleta High School is to ensure that all students make sound academic progress in all of his/her classes while participating in extra-curricular activities. Per L.A.U.S.D. guidelines all students who participate in an extra-curricular activity must maintain a "C" grade point average. In addition to the "L.A.U.S.D."C' grade point average, Arleta High School's academic guidelines are as follows: A student enrolled in 4 classes may not fail more than one (1) academic class during the eligibility marking period. A student enrolled in 3 (three) or fewer classes must pass all academic classes during the eligibility marking period. A student must pass their Advisory class during each of the eligibility marking periods. If you should have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact your student's coach/teacher.  
Sincerely, Casey Browne- Principal