Congratulations to our mustang engineer club on winning the FIRST place in regional bridge competition! Congratulations to our Boys and Girls Basketball teams for representing ARLETA HIGH SCHOOL in our 1st ever California STATE Playoffs!
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VAPA Monday Advisory Lessons

Objective: Each advisory class will choose a visual or performing artist to investigate and
present to the other advisory classes in VAPA.
Include the following information in your presentation:
 The background of the artist
 Challenges that the artist had to face and how he/she tried to overcome these challenges
 How the artist became successful
 People who were important in helping this artist
 People who inspired this artist
 Major accomplishments of this artist – what is he/she known for
Presentation criteria:
 Includes some kind of performance – skit, musical number, dance
 Includes visual technology piece – Power Point, slides, video
 Presentation should last approximately 5 minutes – be sure to run through and time it
before your presentation
 All students in the advisory class must have a role in either creating the presentation or
presenting it (include completed “Responsibility Chart” in your planning)