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VAPA Monday Advisory Lessons

Objective: Each advisory class will choose a visual or performing artist to investigate and
present to the other advisory classes in VAPA.
Include the following information in your presentation:
 The background of the artist
 Challenges that the artist had to face and how he/she tried to overcome these challenges
 How the artist became successful
 People who were important in helping this artist
 People who inspired this artist
 Major accomplishments of this artist – what is he/she known for
Presentation criteria:
 Includes some kind of performance – skit, musical number, dance
 Includes visual technology piece – Power Point, slides, video
 Presentation should last approximately 5 minutes – be sure to run through and time it
before your presentation
 All students in the advisory class must have a role in either creating the presentation or
presenting it (include completed “Responsibility Chart” in your planning)