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Dance Team Roster
Vanessa Acuna
Brenda Armas
Cristopher Avila
William Deras-Carias
Sandy Fuentes
Lizbeth Garcia
Emily Jasso
Vanessa Martinez
Natalie Ontiveros
Savannah Rodas
Jocelyn Rubio
Carmen Valle
Junior Varsity:
Vannessa Amaya
Angelica Barajas
Isabel Castaneda
Mia-Angelina Gomez
Jade Huerta
Alondra Mariscal
Andrea Martinez
Jasmin Medrano
Nataly Mendez
Kenia Morales
Victoria Nunez
Natalie Perez
Ebelin Rodriguez
Dana Sanchez
Daisy Soto
Teresa Bezerra
Amyah Hernandez
Maddie Hall
About the Dance Team:
Arleta's Dance Team started in 2009.  They perform hip hop, jazz, lyrical and modern.  They perform at football games, in pep rallies, dance concerts, and assemblies.  They work very hard and do an excellent job!
Future tryouts
Tryouts will be in the spring after the spring concert. Everyone wishing to tryout must have a physical and athletic packet on file. Experience is not required to make it onto the JV Dance Team, but it helps! To join Varsity, dance experience is required. To make it onto Varsity you must be able to perform a jete leap and a double pirouette in addition to being able to quickly learn and perform a dance. If you do not have experience, but want to learn, you can see your counselor and request Beginning Dance class. Most members of the Dance Team started in Beginning Dance, then made it to JV Dance Team, and then move up to Varsity.  So Beginning Dance is highly recommended, but not required. If you have any further questions please contact Mrs. Bezerra in C205 or at