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Fight Song & Alma Mater


Arleta Mustangs are number one,
We're gonna show you how it is done!
Horse power rivaled by no one.
Our victory has just begun!

Who marches fiercely? Arleta High!
Who strives to conquer? Arleta High!
Hearts so big our pride we'll fend
Arleta you can't deny.

C'mon Arleta, Go-Fight-Win
We're gonna battle unto the end.
Steeds so sturdy, will's won't bend
Our honor we always defend.

Arleta Mustangs gallop with pride
Rise up with honor red, black and white!
Mustang strong, we'll do things right
We'll take the fight ...
Weakened by nothing ...
We are Arleta High!



Arleta High, your spirit bright and bold,
We stand with firm resolve
To reach our higher goals.

Our quest begins with a strong community
We face our challenges
Determined to succeed.

Dauntless and proud / we strive to excel /
To give life to our dreams,
To give heart to their needs,
And with courage we’ll achieve.

With purpose we go forth
Self-reliance in our stride,
Mustangs gather speed
Sing out, Arleta pride!