Special Education » SPED DVR Staff Survey and Link 2020

SPED DVR Staff Survey and Link 2020

Los Angeles Unified School District


Administrative Offices: 333 South Beaudry, 17th Floor

Los Angeles, California 90017

Telephone: (213) 241-6701 • Fax: (213) 241-8917




Dear Staff Member,


The Los Angeles Unified School District conducts the District Validation Review (DVR) as part of its internal monitoring of special education programs and services. The DVR process is designed to measure compliance with federal and state laws and the District’s Special Education policies and procedures. A DVR team is scheduled to conduct a virtual DVR at your school during this school year.


There are multiple preparatory tasks that each school site must complete before the day of the DVR. This survey is part of those tasks. The DVR team asks that each school staff member complete an online survey regarding special education. Please complete the STAFF SURVEY as soon as possible and before your school’s DVR date.


We look forward to your input and appreciate your participation in the DVR process.






Lisa Law