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We at Arleta High School are very focused teaching a standard-based curriculum, using note-taking, approved textbooks (which are new and should be in great condition for the next seven years), and making sure we emphasize the 3 practices recommended by LAUSD : Use of Complete Thoughts and Sentences, Academic Vocabulary, and Writing in all subjects.


We are using complete thoughts and sentences by asking students to write in complete sentences, explaining their answers, engaging in individual and group work.


We are using academic vocabulary by using scientific terminology daily as well as an academic word of the day. Students write the vocabulary word, its various forms or parts of speech, a synonym or explanation, complete a sentence using the word, and draw a visual representation of the word


We are writing in all science classes as students write out lab reports in a narrative (paragraph) format, using complete sentences on their homework and test/quizzes.



In order to help your child succeed:

·         Set a consistent block of time aside each day to work on homework, class assignment, or enrichment activities.

·         Always ask to look at the work/homework to make sure they know you care and they know you are checking that they do it. Don’t worry if you don’t understand how to do it. We have tutoring in school and they are welcome to join the tutoring group whenever they need help.

·          Provide a quiet study area in which your child can study.

·         Encourage him or her to form study partnerships or study groups with other students in his or her class.

·         Please feel free to contact the school or instructor should you have any questions or concerns about your child’s educational progress or learning needs.

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