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Arleta: Lockdown Drill

Lockdown Drill



Good afternoon,
on August 23rd, 2023, during third period will by our Lockdown drill.



Voice Command (PA) signaling beginning of Lockdown

Everyone on campus should move to a secure room, close/lock door and be out of sight of windows.

Voice Command (PA) signaling the end of the lockdown


Protocols for Lockdown and Earthquake/Fire Drill:  while Before/After school, during passing period, and at lunch:


Lockdown drill

Before/After school, passing period, and lunch:   move to nearest secure location, close/lock door and stay out of sight of windows


Earthquake drill/Fire Drill  (Evacuation)

Before/After school, passing period, and lunch:  proceed directly to Engilman field and line up according to Advisory 


Please feel to reach out should you have any questions and/or concerns.



James Magee
Assistant Principal
Arleta High School


"Home of the Mustangs"