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Jonathan Garcia's Home Page

Hello! My name is Mr. Jonathan R. Garcia.

I welcome you guys to school year 2018-2019. This is my 9th year in Arleta High School. Also I welcome my Freshman Advisory (Social Justice). This school year, I will be teaching AP Statistics and Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics (TC Math Stat). The TC Math Stat course will prepare the Seniors in taking the Entry Level Mathematics Test (ELM) given by the California State University.

Based from the district policy, all math classes are now required to earn a C or better to pass and receive credit for the class. For Statistics, this will be an exciting activity since we will be doing research in accordance to the new Common Core Standards and the Standard for Mathematical Practice. We will be requiring the use of a statistical calculator (TI-84 or better). You will be assigned one these and will be responsible for changing batteries (4 AAA batteries) in case it runs out.

For TC Math Stat, class works, tests and projects are done in the ALEKS program, in which you will be having your own account. Please follow the deadlines for each section because once its closed, you will receive no credit for it.

Also PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to Remind App for any updates on homeworks and chapter and units coming up for review. I WILL GIVE EXTRA CREDIT TO THOSE WHO SUBSCRIBE.

I am also offering tutorial services to students who are mathematically challenged in the morning and after school BY APPOINTMENT. I am in room B211.

I hope that we can enjoy the coming school year for this will be a fun one! as well as we can learn the beauty of mathematics!!!!!