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Ahs physical education guidelines
Coach Alvarado, coach Bennett, coach engilman, COACH KELLEY, coach runnels, and Coach Scott

Course objective: The major emphasis of physical education is physical fitness. In learning about fitness, it is important that students familiarize themselves with new concepts related to the physiology of exercise (muscle movements). They will also experience a wide variety of exercises for flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance. Our two goals for physical education are to develop a desire in our students to live a healthy active lifestyle and to prepare for the physical fitness test, the Prudential Fitness Gram.

Grading policy: Grades will be based on a standard point system. Students may earn up to 20 points each day (100 points each week).
90% - 100% = A
89% - 80% = B
79% - 70% = C
69% - 60% = D
59% - 0% = FAIL

Attendance: 5 points
If a student is absent on any given day, 0 points will be awarded for that day. 5 points will be awarded to each student when they show up to class that day. Tardiness is unacceptable. Constant tardiness will result in the lowering of grades and U’s in Work Habits and Cooperation.

Suiting up/dressing: 5 points
Students will be awarded 5 points for every day they dress in appropriate attire for class. The proper clothing attire consists of the white mustang shirt, black mustang shorts, and running shoes. No sweatpants of any kind are allowed, however, students may wear a school colored sweatshirt with proof of mustang shirt underneath.

Participation/cooperation: 10 points
Students are instructed in a sport three days a week. Participation is MANDATORY! Non-participation will result in losing the 10 points. Two days a week students will have endurance tests. There are several variations of endurance runs, predominantly 65 minutes to walk, jog, run, or any combination of 16 laps (4 miles). Points for laps are as follows:
16 laps = 10 points
15 laps = 8 points
14 laps = 6 points
13 laps = 4 points
12 laps = 2 points
*Students must complete the minimum of 12 laps on each endurance test day! If they do not, they will repeat the test the following day, thus, losing the 10 participation points for that day. Finishing all 16 laps will result in full credit for the day; 20/20.

Non-suits: All non-suits will lose 5 points for not dressing and 10 points for not participating. They will only get 5 points that day for attending class. Students that do not dress will not be allowed to participate due to hygiene problems and safety issues. Instead, students will be given written work to complete during the period or other tasks assigned by the teacher. Students with 3 or more non-suits will FAIL and receive U’s in both Work Habits and Cooperation on their report cards.

Doctor’s notes/excuses: If a student has a note from the doctor to be excused from participating in all activities, he/she must take the note to the nurse first and the nurse will give the student a yellow note to give the teacher. Written work or other tasks will be assigned to be completed during class time to take the place of participation. Students are still required to dress unless their note specifies otherwise.

Please sign and return the following page to your Physical Education teacher. Parents, you can reach us by leaving a message with the school office at 818-686-4100. Thank you.


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