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Service Learning Announcements

Dear Mustangs,
If you are looking for a service learning project, please fill out your information by clicking on this link, so we can contact you regarding the upcoming Service Learning opportunity. 
Service Learning Team (Arleta)

Service Learning_ No Place for Hate (March 2021)


For you to receive credit for Service Learning you must follow the following 4 steps and procedures:


  1. Attend the “No Place for Hate” assembly on 03/03/21.
  2. Answer the following 3 questions:
  3. What did you think of the presentation?
  4. What person resonated most with you and why?
  5. What are some suggestions they gave that can help either you or someone else who may be bullied?
  6. After the assembly go to

Find 1 thing that you can do, take either a photo or write a paragraph about your experience doing the act of kindness. Share with your advisory. Share using either a google slide or PowerPoint document. Must be two slides:


Slide 1: Picture/Explanation of Act of Kindness


Slide 2: Explanation of your experience and what you learned



When finished submit all answers, pictures, and advisory teacher’s acknowledgment that you shared your act of kindness and your experience on a google slide or PowerPoint send this information to your counselor and Mr. Revel at: [email protected]


Please make sure that you have your name, advisory, and counselor on all documents.


Must be completed by: 03/26/21.





Service Learning Opportunity:


The Power to Youth Virtual Summit is a tremendous opportunity for students to earn their Service Learning credit. In order to earn SL credit, students will register and attend at least one full  (11:00 – 2:00) session, and create a Google Slides presentation with a minimum of 10 slides showing and detailing the experience, workshop content, and highlights of their attendance, and share it in a presentation for their Advisory class. The slides can contain images and text, and should be as colorful and creative as possible. The goal is to educate classmates about their rights and civic duties, and to inspire youth leadership at Arleta High School.


Click on the link provided to register:



Ms. Patin