Congratulations to our mustang engineer club on winning the FIRST place in regional bridge competition! Congratulations to our Boys and Girls Basketball teams for representing ARLETA HIGH SCHOOL in our 1st ever California STATE Playoffs!
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A.P. in charge of Athletics - Franklin Montiel

Athletic Director - Dave Richard   
The goal at Arleta High School is to ensure that all students make sound academic progress in all of his/her classes while participating in extra-curricular activities. Per L.A.U.S.D. guidelines all students who participate in an extra-curricular activity must maintain a "C" grade point average. In addition to the "L.A.U.S.D."C' grade point average, Arleta High School's academic guidelines are as follows: A student enrolled in 4 classes may not fail more than one (1) academic class during the eligibility marking period. A student enrolled in 3 (three) or fewer classes must pass all academic classes during the eligibility marking period. A student must pass their Advisory class during each of the eligibility marking periods. If you should have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact your student's coach/teacher.  
Sincerely, J. Hayes - Principal