Announcement: School Site Council Meeting on Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019 at 3:45 p.m (B203). No School on President's day (2/18/2019). Stay Warm, Mustangs!

Tuesday PD agenda (Current and Archived)

                                              Content PD

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


8:30 – 9:45      Content Group Meetings (Various Locations)

Instructional Focus Elements: Teaching and Learning Framework

  • 3a1 Communicating the Purpose of the Lesson
  • 3b1 Quality and Purpose of Questions
  • 3b2 Discussion Techniques and Student Participation
  • 3c2 Purposeful and Productive Instructional Groups
  • 3d3 Feedback to Students
  • UCLA Team: Lasting Learning Research Class and PD for teachers


9:15 – 9:45      Special Education Meeting in B104 with Ms. Junio






·         Interim Assessments Dates and Names for M3/M4

·         SBAC Preparation

·         Scholarships

·         Oder for Novels – Updates


ELD Teachers (Special Meeting at 9 am in B209 with Ms. Guzman)

·         Summative ELPAC Training for ELD Teachers

·         Obtain a log-in for Listening/Speaking portions of the ELPAC


Mr. Hayes


Foreign Language

·         Strategies to better assist students with learning difficulties

·         Materials and lessons to promote language acquisition

·         Group projects/games to promote language practice


Mr. Montiel



·         Instructional Focus Elements

·         Presentation of UCLA Team on Long Lasting Learning

Art Gallery

Ms. Sainz


·         CAST Preparation – Brainstorming and Online Practice

·         Science Interim Assessment

·         NGSS Lessons


Mr. Daniel


·         Interim Assessments Dates and Names for M3/M4

·         Discuss idea of moving on students who fail the same course twice. Currently they are moved on if they fail 3 times.  For example a 9th grader that fails Pre-Geom twice could be moved on to Geom A or to a Pre-Alg 1 class. 

·         Discuss possibility of changing our sequence for incoming freshmen. For example: Mester 1 Pre-Algebra 1, Mester 2 Pre-Geometry, Mester 3 Geom A and Mester 4 Geom B.

·         Engineering Program and Demo


Dr. Saucedo


Visual/Performing Arts/Computers/ PE

·         Performing Arts Staff – Work on protocols for shows (technical crew, supervision, collection of $)

·         PE- Discuss fitness gram,rotations and equipment concerns


Mr. Montiel/Mr. Daniel



·         Work on Counseling Issues and Other Department Business


College Center

Mr. Revel


Remember Our Professional Development Norms:


·         Professional and purposeful use of time aligned to mission and goals

·         Clearly stated objectives and success criteria at all meetings

·         Professional participation norms observed (on time, on task, collaborative engagement)

·         District/School Goals: Attendance and SBAC Scores




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