Congratulations to our mustang engineer club on winning the FIRST place in regional bridge competition! Congratulations to our Boys and Girls Basketball teams for representing ARLETA HIGH SCHOOL in our 1st ever California STATE Playoffs!

Tuesday PD agenda (Current and Archived)


REMINDER:    PHBAO Parent Conferences

                        Tuesday, April 9, 2019

                        8:00am – 9:45am


Please remind your students to come with their parents to PHBAO Parent Conferences on Tuesday.(The school has also sent out Connect-Ed messages.)

Teachers: please be in your room no later than 8:00am. 


I have attached the packet that will be placed in your box today.



PHBAO, Predominately Hispanic, Black, Asian, and Others conferences provide an opportunity for parents to tour the school and visit each of their students’ teachers, counselor and administrator. Student-led conferencing is the norm. In the event that a parent needs an in-depth conversation with you, please schedule a conference with them for a later time.


As you prepare your room, please ensure that it presents a clean and pleasant educational environment by having the following items on the bulletin boards:


  • Student work
  • Rubrics that apply to the student’s classroom assignments
  • Posters handed out prior to the opening of school – bell schedule, vision and mission statement, dress code, Title IX, etc
  • Information regarding the academic subject/s taught in your class


Then please be sure to

  • Prop open your classroom door
  • Take all chairs off of student desks
  • Remind parents and students that no food or drinks are allowed in classrooms

    Sign-in in your SLC office and please be in your classroom by 8:00am.  Your parent sign-in sheets are attached.  Please make copies of your parent sign-in forms and turn in a copy to your SLC Office.  All parent sign-is will be recorded so that we have data about how many parents attended.

  • Attached are copies of your passports for your advisory students…
  • Students that do student led conferences in all classes and get teacher’s signatures on their passports, may earn a community contributor artifact for their portfolio…..
  • Attached is a template for Parent Conference Request…..


Thank you for all you do!

Jeff Daniel

Assistant Principal

Arleta High School 


"Once A Mustang, Always A Mustang"