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Mission Statement

The mission of the Science, Math And Related Technology small learning community is to empower students with academically relevant skills to collaboratively process information in a technology based world to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRS) – SMART
Graduates of Arleta High School Science Math and Related Technology Community will be
Community contributors who:
-Donate their time and individual talents to improve the quality of life within their community.
-Demonstrate an awareness that fosters acceptance of individual and cultural differences.
-Understand how local and global issues impact their community.
-Collaborate effectively to reach consensus, facilitate objectives and share responsibility.
-Comprehend, acknowledge, and respect the relationship between the scientific disciplines and the human community.
Critical thinkers who:
-Identify and solve problems effectively.
-Read with comprehension, discerning relevance and reliability of information.
-Interpret, evaluate, and reflect on learning.
-Assess and synthesize outcomes.
Effective communicators who:
-Write skillfully with meaning and clarity.
-Speak with confidence to an audience.
-Present organized information using technology.
-Listen empathetically showing respect for the ideas of others and presenting alternative solutions to roadblocks in communication.
-Express themselves in quantitative terms and use numerical techniques of mathematics.
Self-directed professional learners who:
-Set and accomplish personal, academic, and social goals.
-Exercise honest self-evaluation.
-Demonstrate motivation and discipline.
-Conduct themselves in a professional manner and dress appropriately for school and professional environments.
-Master and apply technological tools effectively, use electronic information appropriately, and adapt to new technology and its uses.
Italicized points are specific to SMART.