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SMART Monthly Competition 2023-24

Christmas Door Decoration Contest  2023 (SMART SLC)


Dear SMART Mustangs,


Christmas Door Decoration Contest Coming Soon!







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Veterans Day Poster Contest  2023 (SMART SLC)

Dear SMART Mustangs,

           Veterans Day is an important holiday when we honor the men and women who have fought bravely for our freedom. There are many ways to honor and celebrate the men and women in our community who have served in the military. We would like you to make a poster to raise awareness of this holiday and deliver the message “thank you veterans” to members of our military, past and present.

          This year (2023), SMART SLC will host a poster competition on this topic for SMART SLC students. Please register for this poster contest here (inactivated) and submit the physical copy of your poster to B120 (Dr. Wu) . The SMART celebration committee will select five winners from this poster contest. The prize is a gift card from numerous vendors. The deadline is November 17, 2023. Looking forward to your participation.            


Halloween Costume Contest  2023 (SMART SLC)

Dear SMART Mustangs,

             Happy Halloween! This year, SMART SLC is hosting a Halloween costume competition. Please dress up on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. And submit your costume picture on the SMART webpage (inactivated) by November 1, 2023. Be creative and have fun! Five lucky student winners will be awarded gift cards.