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Egg Drop Challenge: Rules and More

Greeting SMaRT Teachers,
With spring break quickly approaching, we realize there is not much time to work on egg drop designs. To maximize participation and give more time for design, the revised timeline for the competition WILL BE AS FOLLOWS:
Friday, April 14 - Turn in your egg drop designs by grade level to the following locations:
      9th Grade - B106 (Ms. Guiwa)
      10th Grade - B105 (Mr. Wong)
      11th Grade - B114 (Ms. Baki)
      12th Grade - B121 (Ms. Estrella)
Monday, April 17 - Testing of 9th grade eggs
Wednesday, April 18 - Testing of 10th grade eggs
Thursday, April 19 - Testing of 11th grade eggs
Friday, April 20 - Testing of 12th grade eggs
ALL instructions and rules given by Mr. Edge still applies. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility!
Let's close with an egg drop joke...
What happens when you drop a duck egg on the ground? IT QUACKS! 
Kind regards,
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