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Arleta: Field Trip Request

All Required Documents of Field Trip Chaperon:
Good Morning Mustang Family,

Due to an increased demand organizers of field trips are strongly advised to plan field-trips far in advance.  The district is asking for a minimum of 15 school days between the Principal Approval date and the trip departure date.  Approval of trips outside the minimum calendar days may result in delays or trip disapproval. 


Once you have received approval from either the Principal or your SLC Administrator and confirmed funding, Here is the link to the online platform to submit all necessary information: (The pre-approved site list is loaded into the online system and the system will automatically classify the trip as either Routine or Non-Routine.


All field trips require that the School Nurse review the health records of each student to ascertain if there are any health requirements that need attending during the field trips.  


The ratio for student to chaperone is 10:1. Any person wishing to be a chaperone should begin by completing a volunteer application on the following link:  Attached is more information on chaperone requirements.



You can also order buses thourgh LAUSD approved charter companies, list is attached. Ms. Guzman will continue to assist with ordering buses.


Other Useful Information:


*  Field Trip Handbook 9/14/18  overall new field trip guidance


How to request non-athletic field trip - step by step guidance through new platform


Feel free to reach out with any questions and/or concerns.
James Magee
Assistant Principal
Arleta High School


"Home of the Mustangs"




Below is the rate(s) for buses ordered through LAUSD: