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CAASPP Interim Assessment

CAASPP Interim Assessment 2023-24
Before Testing:
  1. CAASPP Interim Assessment at a glance
  2. CAASPP Interim Assessment by Grades
  3. Sign your e-affidavit here before I can set up your TOMS account (NO myPLN course required)
  4. Technology Requirement: Students MUST use a School Chromebook for CAASPP Assessments. Access the test via “SecureTestBrowser” on a school Chromebook.
  5. How to access and distribute SSID (If you need a set of hard copy of SSID, please EMAIL Dr. WU at least one day before your testing day and she will get it ready for you, thanks!)
  6. Preparation for the test: How to view Interim Assessment questions
  7. CAASPP IAB requirements for ELA and Math
  8. *CAASPP Interim Assessment Video Series
During Testing:
  1. CAASPP Portal  (Teacher: click "all online tests", next login with your TOMS account)
  2. How to generate a test session ID: Test session ID MUST be generated right before the test on the testing day. The feature of pre-scheduling doesn't apply to Interim Assessments.
  3. How to administer CAASPP IA in person
  4. Please make sure to select the required CAASPP IB for your subject.
  5. SecureTestingBrowser:
    If your students can't access secure testing browser due to having older versions of Chrome Browser (Chrome Browser Version must be 102 and above) and can't update the Chrome browser on their own, please ask your students to submit an online tech support request and our IT department will replace their Chromebook at a later date. Meanwhile, you can send your students to my classroom B120 to get a loaner to work on the test in your classes. All loaners MUST be returned to me by the end of your period. 
After Testing:
Testing Window and Selected Topics (Mandatory) for CAASPP IA 2022-23
*note: CAASPP Interim Assessment Block (IAB), also called Smarter Balanced (SB) Interim Assessment Block (IAB)