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PE Syllabus

Coach Guijarro
AHS Physical Education Guidelines 
Course objective: The major emphasis of physical education is physical fitness. In learning about fitness, it is important that students familiarize themselves with new concepts related to the physiology of exercise (muscle movements). They will also experience a wide variety of exercises for flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance. Our two goals for physical education are to develop a desire in our students to live a healthy active lifestyle and to prepare for the physical fitness test, FitnessGram.
Grading policy: Grades will be based on a standard point system. Students may earn up to 20 points each day, 50 points on cardiovascular endurance/ Fitness Gram days (130 points each week) for basic activities.
90% - 100% = A
89% - 80% = B
79% - 70% = C
69% - 0% = FAIL
Attendance: (5 points) If a student is absent on any given day, 0 points will be awarded for that day. 5 points will be awarded to each student when they show up to class that day. Tardiness is unacceptable. Constant tardiness will result in the lowering of grades and U’s in Work Habits and Cooperation.
Make-Up Assignments: Students are responsible for making up missed assignments within one week in order to receive credit. Run days can be made up before or after school or the student may download the Nike Running App or any other running App to their smartphone and complete the missed run. They must be able to provide proof of the run with the date and appropriate completion time. Written assignments may also be used as well and the student must pick up that assignment from the teacher and must return within one week of the missed assignment as well.
Suiting up/dressing: (5 points) Students will be awarded 5 points for every day they dress in appropriate attire for class. The proper clothing attire consists of the white mustang shirt, black mustang shorts, and running shoes. No sweatpants of any kind are allowed, however, students may wear a school colored sweatshirt with proof of mustang shirt underneath.
Participation/cooperation: (10 points) Students are instructed in a sport two days a week. Participation is MANDATORY! Non-participation will result in losing the 10 points. Three days a week, students will participate in physical fitness activities to improve their fitness scores. There are several variations of the physical fitness activities. For example, a timed mile, pacer, fitness stations and cardiovascular exercises combined with weight training. Points for the mile will be based on completion time and weekly improvements. Pacer will be based on laps completed in addition to weekly improvements.
Non-suits: All non-suits will lose 5 points for not dressing and 10 points for not participating. Students that do not dress will not be allowed to participate due to hygiene problems and safety issues.
Doctor’s notes/excuses: If a student has a note from the doctor to be excused from participating in all activities, he/she must take the note to the nurse first and the nurse will give the student a yellow note to give the teacher. Written work or other tasks will be assigned to be completed during class time to take the place of participation. Students are still required to dress unless their note specifies otherwise. 
Homework: Students will be assigned homework on Schoology. If the student does not have access to internet at home, he/she may pick up a paper copy from Coach Guijarro.
Unit Tests: Upon completion of a unit, the students will receive either a written or physical test that will indicate whether the student has learned the material.
Mid-Term and Final Exams: Students will take a written mid-term and final exam. In addition to the written portion, the mid-term and final exam will also include FITNESS Gram testing scores. 
Electronic Devices and personal equipment are NOT allowed in class. Any electronic device or personal equipment that is brought to class will be confiscated and turned in to the dean’s office.
Please sign and return the bottom portion to your Physical Education teacher. Parents, you can reach us by leaving a message with the school office at 818-686-4100. Thank you.
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I have read and understood the following rules and guidelines for the Arleta High School Physical Education class.
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