Congratulations to our mustang engineer club on winning the FIRST place in regional bridge competition! Congratulations to our Boys and Girls Basketball teams for representing ARLETA HIGH SCHOOL in our 1st ever California STATE Playoffs!


Class Name Teacher
US History 20th A/B Woodfin, L
Advisory 10 (Period A) Berriman Jr., L
Google Classroom Advisory 2016 Wu, J
CC Algebra 1A (Period 3) Berriman Jr., L
CC Geometry B Garcia, J
Sood, A
Period 2
Period 4
Google Classroom Chemistry-Period_1 (Period 1) Wu, J
Google Classroom Physiology-Period_3 (Period 3) Wu, J
Statistics and Probability (Period 1) Garcia, J
TCMS Berriman Jr., L
Period 1
Period 2
World History Woodfin, L