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School Experience Survey 2021-22

The School Experience Survey is an annual survey administered in the fall to all LAUSD schools. Survey results provide schools with important feedback from teachers, staff, students and parents. The Fall 2021 School Experience Survey is available now. 
--- parents and guardians, please click here to complete the survey
--- school staff, please click here to complete the survey.
--- students, please check your LAUSD email for the personal link of School Experience Survey
The deadline of the survey is December 10th. Your voice matters and your participation is greatly appreciated! If you have any questions about the School Experience Survey, please send an email to or call (213) 241-5600.

Daily Pass QR Code is Available!

Dear Mustang Community, We all know that we need a daily pass to come to school. The daily pass can be requested from LAUSD website: or you can scan QR Code provided by the district. For your convenience, Daily Pass QR code can be accessed from our school website.

Important: COVID Testing Prior to The Start of The School Year

Your child should have a baseline test prior to the start of the school year. The COVID testing is available on selected days at your Child(ren)'s school and no appointment is needed. Please click here for the detailed COVID testing schedule and locations.

Family Guide for Back to School

Dear Mustang community, the school will be back in session soon. Please click here for a complete family guide in English and Spanish.

Everything about Senior Events (the Resilient) 2021

Congratulations Class of 2021! Your Graduation pictures are available at the link above. You may download your graduation pictures (e-copy) for FREE or purchase hardcopies of your pictures from the photographer for your convenience.

A Day In the Life after School is Open

Do you want to know what will be like after we go back to School? Please check this video out. The video highlights what a day will look like for our students upon their return.

Updates on Wellbeing Center at Arleta HS

During school closure, this isolation and uncertainty is hard on everyone and even tougher on some. Remember that we are all in this together and are depending on one another to do what we can to stay safe and get through this as quickly as possible. Please remember that if you need help, the WBC/PPLA Call line is up and running – every evening. You can call them at 844-810-0062 and a therapist is available. Please click the link for more tips and advice provided by wellbeing center.


LAUSD now has the opportunity to ask parents/guardians to bring their student(s) to one of the testing centers for an initial baseline test. Parents/guardians are invited to come to one of the testing centers for a COVID-19 test. Please click on the link for more details.

Student Health and Human Service: CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 RESPONSE & RECOVERY

As we work together to raise awareness about mental health, reduce stigma and discrimination related to mental illness, and prevent suicides, it is vitally important that we take care of ourselves. During this stressful time, we remind you all, to place an emphasis on your own self-care. Take time to breathe, meditate, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and take a break from the news and social media periodically. We encourage you to visit the EMM resource center where you will find self-care articles, graphics, and tips to share on social media.

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