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Graduation Requirements

These are the Requirements in order to graduate high school.

LAUSD Course and Exam Requirements
230 Credits
3 Years of Social Studies
World History A/B
US History A/B
4 Years of English
Engilsh 9A/B
English 10A/B
Amer. Lit/Cont. Composition
Expos. Composition/English Elective
2 Years of College Prep Math
Algebra 1A/B
Geometry A/B or Adv. Applied Math A/B or Algebra 2 A/B
3 years of Math through Algebra 2A/B required for admission to 4 year University
2 Years of College Prep Science
Physical Science
2 Years of Physical Education
1 Year Visual or Performing Art
1 Year Applied Technology
1 Semester Health
1 Semester Life Skills
14 Semesters of Electives (this can include college prep, advanced math, foreign language, additional fine arts and/or technical arts)
Computer Literacy requirement (take and pass 1 computer class) 
Service Learning Experience
Career Pathway
2 Years of Foreign Language (3 Recommended)
NOT required for HS graduation, but is required for admission to a 4 year University.
The following number of credits needs to be earned in order to promote to the next grade level. For example, in order to be considered a sophomore (grade 10), the student needs to have earned 55 credits by the end of the summer before the sophomore year.
  • Freshman (Grade 9)=0-54 credits
  • Sophomore (Grade 10)=55-109 credits
  • Junior (Grade 11)=110-169 credits
  • Senior (Grade 12)=170-230 credits