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For this project, you and your team will build a bridge using nothing but popsicle (craft) sticks and Elmer's white glue for construction.
With no exceptions, the popsicle sticks CANNOT be cut, sanded, scored, or modified in any way. None of them can be glued for more than 50% of their total surface area. ONLY Elmer's white glue can be used.

Your bridge will need to span a width of 18". Note that the bridge must span 18", meaning the bridge must have an additional overhang extending about 1/2" on either side beyond the 18" width.
It MUST have a roadway across the top that is 4" wide and cover the length [no gaps, a continuous surface] of the bridge (the full 18" span). The bridge supports can be no more than 4" deep. The finished bridge can weigh no more than 6 ounces (170 grams).

For testing, the bridge will be placed in a fixture that holds it in place while the weight is placed on the center. Weight is progressively increased until the bridge fails. This is a destructive testing method which means your bridge will be destroyed when tested.
All student bridges are due November 2 by the end of school. No late entries will be permitted.
Teacher bridges are due Friday October 13 by the end of school for the "Battle of the Bigs" during the SMaRT assembly on Monday, October 23.

See bridge pictures under photo album for examples.  It is highly recommended you research "deck truss bridges" and bridge competitions.

Mr. Sy's suggested link for information on bridges:
 The roadway of the bridge on left is in violation of contest rules! Roadway must be 4 inches wide.