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Friday, September 20, 2019                                                                                          50 cents

Morning Edition                                                                                                          Vol. 1  Issue 1 (S.Y. 2019-2020)

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First assembly of SMaRT SLC and discussion of STEM related activities!

Reported by: Christian J. Sy, Writer/Editor:

SMaRT Ambassadors


                     The new school year kicks off with the first SMaRT opening assembly. The assembly is meant to acclimate the freshman and newcomers to the SMaRT SLC. As any SMaRT student would know SMaRT stands for Science Math and Related Technologies. SMaRT SLC is one of the three SLC’s of Arleta High School and is the stem branch of Arleta High School. The topics discussed in the assembly were the upcoming events and contests related to SMaRT/STEM. The upcoming events and contests are related with STEM because STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Some upcoming events are the notable SMaRT Bridge and Egg Drop Contests. Seasonal events and contests are also going to be held such as the Winter door decorating contest for the fall and the SMaRT field day for spring. The assembly was also time for the SMaRT ambassador club to recruit freshman and other students to the club. The mission of the SMaRT SLC is to empower students with academically relevant skills to collaboratively process information in a technology based world to meet the demands of the 21st century. The upcoming activities and contests were not only designed for fun and teamwork but to prepare students who wish to pursue a STEM related career. The SLC is a very fundamental part of society especially in a time where STEM related careers are on the rise.


                      The theme for the assembly this year is superheroes both from the Marvel and DC Comics Universe. The theme represents the teachers and how they are superheroes in a subtle way. Teachers help educate the future and everyday change lives. Earlier before the assembly the advisories were assigned a superhero and was tasked to draw their advisory teacher and the assigned superhero. The assembly started off with a theme from The Avengers playing while the students were entering the auditorium. The emcee’s, Alondra Herrera and Humberto Penaloza, 12th grade Dr. Wu advisory students, introduced themselves and the assembly was underway. The first slides introduced the SMaRT staff to the audience. The following slides were about the SSII, the SSII consisted of Stanchions, Mentors, Ambassadors, Recorders, and Techs who were tasked with helping students and planning and assisting in SMaRT related activities. Near the end of the powerpoint there was a video related to robotics and cleaning nuclear waste. You can read more at the link: . After the video, a game was presented to the audience relating to the video they had just watched. The assembly and the logistics behind it would not have been possible without the supervision of SMaRT staff and the help of the SMaRT ambassadors.


Upcoming events:

The SMART SLC will be in the Arleta High School Homecoming parade. Join us!

Friday October 18, 2019.