School Policies » Zero Tolerance Drug Policy

Zero Tolerance Drug Policy

It is the intent of the Arleta High School Staff to maintain a campus free of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other substances having harmful effects on the lives of our students. 

A firm disciplinary policy relative to substance abuse, including alcohol, is maintained.  Student P.E. lockers, grounds, facilities and persons are subject to search for reasonable cause.  Students found in possession of illegal substances may be subject to arrest.

If a student is suspected of being under the influence of a controlled substance that student will be taken to the nurse or an administrator for observation and questioning.  If the student is determined to be under the influence, the parent will be contacted.  The student may also be subject to arrest and/or school discipline.

Use or Possession of Drugs/Other Intoxicants/Related Paraphernalia

  • Student is suspended/parent notified.  Student may also be subject to arrest, and additional school discipline.   
  • Conference is held with student, parent and administrator. 

Use or Possession of Tobacco
The use or possession of tobacco is prohibited while on campus or while attending school activities.  Parent conference and student assessment will be made to determine appropriate consequence for this violation.

Students who recognize they may have a problem with drug, alcohol or tobacco use are encouraged to refer themselves to counselors, teachers, or other staff members for assistance.

Other Referrals
Staff members, students, and parents may refer students to their SLC counselor or administrator for assistance.