School Policies » Dress Code

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a tasteful and appropriate manner.  Cleanliness, modest dress and avoidance of extremes reflect good taste and personal pride.  All clothing must be neat, clean and in good repair.  ANY clothing or accessory that is disruptive to the instructional program is considered inappropriate and may not be worn on campus during school hours.


  • Clothing or accessories with gang symbols or initials
  • Professional athletic team clothing
  • Muscle shirts, tank tops, white ribbed undershirts
  • Pants or shorts that are unhemmed/cut offs
  • Hats or headgear of any kind
  • Midriff tops that exposes the belly button
  • Backless or strapless tops
  • Clothing that exposes undergarments
  • Sheer or see-through tops
  • Low cut blouses exposing cleavage
  • Bathing suits, tube tops, sports bras, halter tops
  • Short shorts or mini-skirts that fall above the mid-thigh
  • Skirts with a split higher than the mid-thigh
  • Clothing or accessories depicting drugs or alcohol
  • Clothing depicting offensive/obscene pictures or language
  • Pins, tacks, or staples in hem of pants (other than in the case of an emergency)
  • Oversized baggy pants or shirts
  • Spiked accessories/jewelry/bullet belts
  • Chains which exceed one foot in length, or one quarter inch in diameter that may attach to the belt
  • Pajamas
  • Back packs with graffiti art work
  • Long short with long socks – 4 inches required between top of sock and bottom of shorts
  • Mesh athletic shorts

Students who do not adhere to this Dress Code will be referred to their Small Learning Community Counselor or Dean for disciplinary action.

Recommended School Attire

Regular School Days : 
Girls are encouraged to wear dresses, skirts or slacks with an appropriate blouse or sweater.  Boys are encouraged to wear collared shirts and long pants.

Business Attire Wednesday :
Same as the above for girls. 
Same as the above for boys, including a tie.

Spirit Day :
Students are encourged to wear school colors every Friday :  Victory Red, Black and White.