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Discipline Policy

Respectful Treatment Of All Persons
The Los Angeles Unified School District reaffirms its policy that students and adults in both schools and offices should treat all persons equally and respectfully and refrain from the willful or negligent use of slurs against any person on the basis of race, language spoken, color, sex, religion, handicap, national origin, immigration status, age, sexual orientation, or political belief.  No hate crimes will be tolerated.  Those engaging in any of the above will be subject to suspension, arrest, and/or an opportunity transfer.

Audio Devices such as IPods, Radios, Cassette/Cd Players

These items are prohibited while on campus during school hours.  Students bringing any of these items on campus will have them confiscated until recovered by a parent or guardian.

Electronic Devices and Lasers

Following District Policy, the use of cellular phones, pagers, or electronic signaling devices by students on campus is prohibited during normal school hours including the students’ lunch break and passing periods.  If any such device is brought to school, it must remain off and stored in a place where it is not visible. If such a device is observed by school staff, it will be confiscated until recovered by a parent or guardian

Skateboards, Rollerblades, and Bicycles 

Skateboards and rollerblades are not allowed on campus at any time.  Bicycles must be locked in the bike racks.  Bicycles are not to be ridden on campus.  Neither Arleta High School, nor the Los Angeles Unified School District, assumes any responsibility for injury, damage or theft of any of these items.

Graffiti/Vandalism Policy

The premise of the Arleta High School Graffiti/Vandalism Policy is that there is no minor graffiti/vandalism.  All acts of graffiti/vandalism result in lost revenue and wasted custodial time.  Every act of graffiti/vandalism will result in student suspension, parent conference, and reimbursement for replacing or restoring the damaged item.

Suspensions, Opportunity Transfers, and Expulsions

Students who are involved with fighting, theft, vandalism, use/sales of a controlled substance, assault/battery, smoking on campus, vulgarity or are disrespectful to any member of the staff or student body will be considered defiant and in violation of the 2006-2007 School-Parent Compact.  Such behavior will result in a parent conference and/or suspension, opportunity transfer or expulsion. 

Firearms, Weapons, and Other Dangerous Objects

Students in possession of dangerous objects including any type of knife, razor blade, martial arts combat equipment, clubs, brass knuckles, explosives, and any type of firearm or BB/Pellet gun (including replica guns) shall be recommended for expulsion.

Metal Detectors
:  In order to maintain a safe and controlled campus environment, daily random metal detector searches will be conducted.  Parents will be notified of the random metal detector search procedure at the beginning of the school year and upon student enrollment.