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Headgear Policy

Arleta High Use of Headgear Policy
Effective January 7, 2013

I.  Reference:  BUL-2549.1

II. History:  The Los Angeles Unified School District believes that appropriate student dress, to include headgear, contributes to a productive learning environment. 

III. Definition:  For the purpose of this policy, headgear is defined as any article of clothing or attire worn on the head of a student.

IV. Policy:

Headgear is not allowed to be worn or carried by students, male or female, on Arleta’s campus, unless the following occurs:
A. A student has a verified medical condition;
B. If it is raining; or
C. If the outside temperature reaches 55° F or below during lunch time.

VI. Restrictions:

A. The only headgear allowed to be worn when the aforementioned criteria has been met will be an Arleta High Beanie or Arleta High Bucket Cap.
B. At no time will a student be allowed to wear headgear while indoors.