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Arleta: Earthquake Drill

Good Morning Mustang Family,
Wednesday, September 13th, we will conduct our monthly Earthquake Drill & Shelter in Place Drill Review.   
**We will not evacuate to Mustang Field​**
*Long Bell & Voice command signaling the beginning of the Drill Review
*Discuss/Review Earther Quake Drill Drop Cover and Hold Procedures 
*Discuss/Review Shelter in place Procedures 
*Discuss Emergency evacuation procedures with your class:  
      *Evacuation Route
      *Staging Area
      *If there is a sub, where is the Evacuation Folder/Sign
*Long Bell & Voice Command Signaling "All Clear"
Please check your Emergency Procedure Packet and ensure you have the following:
  1. Emergency Procedures
  2. Evacuation Map
  3. Assembly Map (Field Layout)
  4. 5 column rosters of your classes
  5. Missing Person Report
  6. Pens 
Thank you all for all for all you do.
James Magee
Assistant Principal
Arleta High School


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