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Keep Youth Doing Something

Keep Youth Doing Something (KYDS), has a mission to empower underserved, low-income and at-risk youth to fulfill their individual potential and participate constructively in the community by integrating the efforts of community service providers, government officials and agencies, schools, law enforcement agencies, private businesses and individuals.
We believe that economically disadvantaged and at-risk youth should have access to the best society has to offer. We strive to create a safe haven and a broad context within which children can learn and play. Each day, we are building a safe place, not only for personal well being, but also for ideas and relationships. Our goal is to continually establish an environment in which youth can develop caring and respectful relationships with each other and with adults, a place in which children come away looking at themselves and society differently.
Program is offered everyday to all grade levels 9-12 Monday through Friday 7 Am to 8:15 Am and 3:26 Pm to 5:30 Pm. Hot supper is also provided after school from 3:26 Pm to 3:56 Pm. If you have any questions please visit Mr. Quijano KYDS Site Manager in room C204 or e-mail at Arleta@kydsinc.org
All students who would like to participate in KYDS Programs or Sponsored Events must have a completed registration form.
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