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Vazquez, Y » First Day of Class Mester 1 2010-2011

First Day of Class Mester 1 2010-2011

What do I want to do as your future Spanish teacher? I want to be able to make learning Spanish fun by using creative and exciting ways to introduce and present my students to the Hispanic culture. When my students enter my class it will be like going to a whole culture with Hispanic posters, artifacts and maps.
What do I want my students to experience and accomplish through my teaching? I want my students to feel comfortable and safe in my classroom. I want them to know that it is a safe environment and that they will not be made fun or laughed at. I want my students to understand the importance of why they need to learn a foreign language and why the Spanish language is so necessary now in our country. My greatest desire is that my students will accomplish language  and writing proficiency. Ms. Vazquez