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Class Rules Handouts

Class Rules

Classroom Expectations 

All students are expected to:

1. NO Food, Liquids, Gum, Makeup or use of Hand Lotions in class:
There will be no exceptions:

Students not abiding to this will receive either paper pick-up at lunch, 
or classroom beautification at lunch.

2. Tardiness:
You will be in your seat and ready to begin class before the bell rings and not visiting others. 
If your at the door after the bell rings, you are considered tardy and well be sent to get a tardy pass 
- No Exceptions.

3. NO electronic devices:
Absolutely No cell phones, iPods, or video games in class. 
All items will be confiscated and can be either picked up after class 
with paper pick up or picked up at the dean’s office after 24hours.

4. Be respectful:
Respect your classmates and teacher-in turn you will have their respect. 
Negative actions or inappropriate language will not be tolerated and will be delta 
with by receiving paper pick-up at lunch. The amount of days
will be determined by the offence.

5. Be responsible for the condition of their computer:
Students must report any problems/ condition they find with their computer at the beginning of class 
or after starting them up. Failure to do so could result in being responsible for it’s condition and possible cost for repairs and disciplinary action depending on the severity.

6. Use the Internet responsibly:
Internet use is by permission only and must relate to projects. Any inappropriate or unauthorized use will result in the lost of computer privileges, and will be dealt with either a phone call home or disciplinary actions - paper pick up.

7. Absences/ Late Projects: 
Absences well be dealt with according to the school’s policy. 
If a student is absent on the day of a project, the project is considered late unless the school and teacher are contacted/notified by a parent or guardian within 24hr’s of the excussed absents. If a student is absent for 5 consecutive days or more the project will not be excepted unless a written note or the school is contacted and notified by a parent or guardian about the length of the absents and it is excussed.

All projects are expected to be turned in and completed on the assigned due date! 

** Projects can be turned in up to ONE WEEK LATE
following the due date, and may be marked down one full grade. 
Any work turned in after that will not be excepted.
An Incomplete work will not be excepted. ** 

If a project is given an extension  date, it can only be turned in on that extension due date 
- No Exceptions.  

But Most Importantly...!!!

As an designer you are expected to:

1. Be Prepared

2. Be Focused

3. Be Open Minded

4. Be Respectful

5. Have Fun


Students are given a warning on the first day of class about the rules. 
The following steps will be taken for breaking established rules thereafter: 

1. “Paper Pick-up at lunch” 
or “Classroom Beautification” 
If paper pick-up is not completed 
or is not taken seriously then you
will be given lunch detention.

2. One-on-one communication.

3. Call to parent/guardian.

4. Referral. (This can always be first)

The degree of severity will vary depend upon the offence.


Grades are based on a Standard Grading System
Scale: Each assignment will vary in points depending upon it’s complexity and degree of difficulty.  
All work will have a point value. Grades are based on class projects, art critiques, 
writing assignments, class participation, and growth. A rubric will be provided for selected 
projects clarifying students expectations.

Work habit marks are based on a combination of class criteria: Ready to work, assignments completed on time, class participation, amount of absents, time spent out of class using the bathroom (bathroom use is based at the end of each mester on the amount of times and length of time out of class: 2 or less times “E” 3 - 5 times “S” 5 or more times “U”).

Cooperation marks are based on a combination of class criteria: attitude, use of inappropriate language, continued interruptions due to talking, attitude during class participation, and use and care of equipment.

Parents are welcomed to sit in on the class any time. Please call the school to set up
an appointment in advanced. (818) 686-4100