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DVD Boxset

DVD Box Set

Films, television, and other video programs on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and VHS are sometimes sold as box sets. Such a box set might include an entire season or seasons of a popular TV program, a collection of films by a well-known director or starring a well-known actor/actress, or a collection of films of a particular genre such as horror, sci-fi and westerns. Other criteria for box sets have included all films of a series such as the Star Wars series or the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and a selection of adaptions of a particular author such as Stephen King or Jane Austen. Some box sets contain different versions of one film, as in the case of Blade Runner, and Alien Quadrilogy.

•Design DVD cover art – Front/Back and spine for either a TV, or Movie series
•Design an original two-dimensional work of art that reflects refined craftsmanship and technical skills.
•Demonstrate the ability to correctly use a Vector Mask with two elements
•Demonstrate the ability to correctly use type (readability) and images (Non distorted) 
Color (Compliments elements)

What You Will Do:
•Create a DVD Front Cover art with title/name/season/logos
•Create a DVD Spine art with title/name/season/logos
•Create a DVD Back Cover art with either a Synopsis/Episode titles or Chapters/legal/logos
•Two layers that interact with one another using a Vector Mask on one element along with a screenshot

Using a combination of Photoshop and InDesign you will design a DVD box set for either a TV, or
Movie series. You will create DVD cover art (DVD Box set title is mandatory) and back art with either Synopsis/Episode titles or Chapter on it from the series (all elements must connect to each other) and a spine in Photoshop You will use InDesign to place all images in using multiple layers, as well as use InDesign to place your info. You will find and use original images/art work from the Internet or art that can be scanned. You will use of a vector mask, type effects if needed in Photoshop, and other elements to create your final project.

Assessment: What You’re Graded on:
•Use of design, Balance of elements, Typography, Original use of imagery (Images not distorted),
Colors, Readability of information – 50pts
•Clear design connection between all components/elements – 25pts
•Use of a vector mask with two elements Two layers that interact with one another to create one new image
“Not a clipping path-cutout” (You will also turn in a screenshot of your layers and vector mask) – 30pts
•All instructions were followed – 15pts

Dimensions for Photoshop set up: (You must use these dimensions)
All the setting are at: 300DPI and either RGB/CMYK with a transparent background
Look for large size images to use

DVD Box Set Cover and Back: (W) 5.125 X (H) 7.5
DVD Box Cover Spine: (W) 7.5 X (H) 1.25
(Once done rotate spine 90 degrees and resave before placing in InDesign)

All text should be done in InDesign unless there are
any type effects that you want to use.

All Images must be of appropriate content
No Adult Content images.
No Drug reference, Use of Weapons i.e. symbols or objects.
No Slang or inappropriate langue.