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Music Box Set

Music Box Set - 150pts. 
In the case of music, box sets are usually made up of three to four compact disc discs, covering a broad range of the music of a given artist or genre. Artists and bands with an extremely long and successful career often have anthology or "essential" collections of their music released as box sets. These often include rare and never-before-released tracks. Some box sets collect together previously released singles or albums by a music artist. Other music box sets focus on a compilation of different artists from a particular genre such as Big Band Jazz, 1960s Rock & Roll, or Opera. They generally feature a large collection of various hits from some of the top artists of a particular genre. The best selling box set to date is Nirvana (band) Nirvana's ’’With the Lights Out'’.

•Design a CD box set cover for either a musical artist, group or a TV/Movie soundtrack that your familiar with
•Design a CD Album cover and either a lyric or Biography or synopsis (Best for soundtracks) page that connects to one another
•Design an original two-dimensional work of art that reflects refined craftsmanship and technical skills.
•Demonstrate the ability to correctly use a Vector Mask on two elements
What You Will Do/Use:
•Create a CD Box Set cover
•Create a CD Album Art cover (with name of the CD only if you do the extra credit)
•Create either a CD Booklet lyrics, Biography or synopsis page
•Two layers that interact with one another using a Vector Mask on 2 elements
•Written artifact sheet (Critical thinker or Self-directed learner)

Using Photoshop and InDesign you will design a CD box cover for an either a musical artist/group or a TV/Movie soundtrack, with their/it’s name on the front (Box set title is optional). You will design
cover art for a CD album, and 1 page with either lyrics/Biography or synopsis (all elements must connect to each other). The lyric page must have a song title and lyrics. The synopsis page is best for TV/Movie. You will find and must use original images/art work from the Internet or art that can be scanned. You will use of a vector mask, type effects, and other elements to create your final project.

Assessment: What You’re Going to Get Graded on:
•Strong use of Design, Balance of elements, Typography, Original use of imagery,
Colors, Strong readability of information – 50pts
•Strong connection between all components/elements – 40pts
•Exceptional use of vector mask on two elements (Two layers that interact with one another to create
one image) And screenshot of Vector Mask layers – 45pts
•Written artifact sheet (Either: Critical Thinker or Self Directed Learner) – 15pts
*Artifact Sheet Must Have 4-5 complete sentences for each answer*