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Earth Day

Earth Day
How did Earth Day begin?

In 1970, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed a nationwide "Environmental Teach-in" on college campuses across America. Denis Hayes led the organizing effort, which involved 20 million Americans celebrating the first Earth Day on
April 22, 1970. It led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the passage of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

You will:

• Design a ad-poster that either supports the significance of Earth Day, creates awareness for
an organization that helps to save the environment and or issues of endangered wildlife
that are dealt with year round.

• Pick a topic or an organization and research what it does or what they do

• Come up with a message/headline for your viewers to know what they can do to help the environment, or bring awareness to an organization and understand what there cause is and what can be done. You will also use an image that supports/complements your message,
and visa versa.

• Create no less then 5 sketches of your design/layout prior to starting

• Write an explanation in 4 - 5 complete sentences explaining what your topic or organization does or stands for, that will be presented to the class and turned in at the end of the project. 

Resources to help locate information about events and actions to take:

You can also Google about a specific organization that you may want to use.

• Download: The Earth Day Lesson if you need a new one 
(Just incase your dog ate the first one you were given and you really want to wast more paper).

• Download: The Earth Day Reflection and have it completed
no later then either the end of the Per or the end of day the project is due. 

If you want your project to count for a Service Learning Project, you MUST complete all the elements of the project in order to receive the Service Points.